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SOUTHERN STATES WOMAN SUFFRAGE CONFERENCE MRS. O. F. ELLINGTON, Rec. Sec'y 721 W. Morkham St., LittleRock, Ark. MRS. JOHN B. PARKER, Cor. Sec'y, 1520 Audubon St., New Orleans, La. MRS. H. B. BARTLETT, Treasurer, 155 Audubon Boulevard, New Orleans, La. IDA PORTER-BOYER, Executive Sec'y, 319 Carondelet St., New Orleans, La. KATE M. GORDAN, President, 1800 Prytania St., New Orleans, La. LAURA CLAY, Vice-President at Large, Lexington Ky. HONORARY VICE-PRESIDENTS. MRS. OLIVER H. P. BELMONT, New York City. MISS MARY JOHNSTON, Warm Springs, Va. MRS. HELEN GARDINER, Washington, D.C. AUDITORS. MRS. C. E. ELLICOTT, 107 Brown Arcade, Baltimore, Md. MRS. D. P. MONTAGUE, Chattanooga, Tenn. HEADQUARTERS: 319 CARONDELET STREET NEW ORLEANS, LA. NEW ORLEANS, LA., May 13, 1915. Mrs. Jessie Townsend, Norfolk, Va. My dear Mrs. Townsend: I have wanted all along to write to the editor of the "Ledger Dispatch" and answer his "Women Voter" editorial, but there is so much to do, and so little time, and so few workers that it has been impossible to do so. Now is your time to go and call on the gentleman with a copy of the last issue of the NEW SOUTHERN CITIZEN contaiing the "Awakening of the South" and invite his attention to the article by Judge Walter Clark also. Be very careful how you quote the 4,000,000 women voters. That is about as silly an argument as can be, and can work a boomerang to the South. It is about as logical as the fool talk about there being more white women than black men and women put together, and offer that as a reason for the negro problem being a myth. The "solid South" exists to protect those States where congested negro localities threaten white supremacy. I will have another corker in the next copy of NEW SOUTHERN CITIZEN. Get busy, you Southern women and get us members and donations. Make the men join us, Very cordially yours, Kate M. Gordon Dict, but not read.