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Contributing Editors Mary Johnston Stephen S. Wise Josephine Peabody Marks Zona Gale Florence Kelley Witter Bynner The Woman's Journal 585 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts Telephone: Back Bay 4717 Contributing Editors Ben B. Lindsey Caroline Bartlett Crane Ellis Meredith Mabel Craft Deering Eliza Calvert Hall Reginald Wright Kauffman Assistant Editor Henry Bailey Stevens Editor-in-Chief Alice Stone Blackwell Manager Agnes E. Ryan Sept. 1, 1915. Equal Suffrage League of Virginia Commercial Building Second Street between Broad & Grace Richmond, Virginia Dear Friends: We have your letter of August 30, enclosing list, to which we have sent as per your request, our issue of the Journal, August 28, marking the Farmer's Union article. We are enclosing bill, and you will notice that we have charged at the rate of 3¢ a piece. We consider this a very low rate and are doing it as we think this is good propaganda. Sincerely yours WOMAN'S JOURNAL E. M. Costello Bookkeeper. EMC/MG Enclosure