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Conway H. Shield Attorney at Law Commonwealth's Attorney York County

Equal Suffrage League Headquarters, Commercial Building, Richmond, VA. Yorktown, VA. January 12, 1916

I have written my member of the House and Senate in regard to Equal Suffrage, but as yet have received no replies. I think, however, that my representative, ___________ will have to submit the question to the people. I called on him in regard to suffrage in November and again in December at his office in Williamsburg, but each time he was out of town. A message was left for him on each of these occasions. Recently, I had an opportunity of talking with the Member of the House from ________ and he said, "___ the majority of the women of Va. wanted suffrage he would vote for it" _____ wishes for success with the Legislature, I am. Sincerely yours Catherine _ Shield

(on left side of paper)

h.13 I am enclosing _____ in stamps to help in regard to postage which might be a tax on The League)