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Consider, if you please, the importance of moral leadership, the evidence of it or of its absence, who are the moral leaders and the final test? There is an old saying in holy writ, "if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch." This refers to moral leaders and moral blindness. De Tocqueville assigned as the great cause of the French revolution, the lack of moral leadership. Said he of the social revolution that had been developing in France, "the most powerful, the most intelligent and the most moral classes of the nation had never attempted to connect themselves with it in order to guide it." When that revolution reached its culmination it broke in a storm of destruction. Dr. George Adam Smith says, "a people's own morals have more influence upon their destiny than despots or legislators." We hear much of leaders and leadership; political leaders, commercial leaders; among women, social leaders. Men have been slow to concede any form of leadership to women; this exalted function of social leadership is generally allowed to be for ladies only. Of moral leaders, most important of all, little is heard, and yet, unless there are moral leaders, and unless they can assert their supremacy, our national development is moving in a dangerous direction. EVIDENCE. The evidences of moral leadership must surely be found in the general prevailing moral standard of people in the visible results of that standard and in the direction which their development is taking. The standard set up by our religion is moral perfection, but how has that been worked out in its practical application to life? We have not yet reached the point of denying moral perfection as a tenet of belief, but have we not reached the point of denying it as a practical possibility, still less as a necessity? The subtle form of unbelief which threatens the moral life of this nation is exemplified in the term "necessary evil". Formerly this applied to one evil only, but we seem to be adding to the list. Whenever some moral sharpshooter levels his gun against outrage, vice or oppression, he is told to come down from his perch, since that is only a "necessary evil". Some evils, it appears, may be fought, but "necessary evil" must be held immune. Captains of industry say that child labor is a necessary evil. Thousands of children wearing their lives out in a treadmill of toil. Modern luxury says occupational disease is a necessary evil. Match factories causing phosphorous poison, "phossy jaw," now prevented by a recent federal act. Lead poison in tile factories. A few years ago the Glass Blowers Association presented statistics showing that 31 percent of glass workers die of tuberculosis, half of them under 35 years of age. But the most God-defying "necessary evil" is the double standard of morals, which calls for a standing army of women devoted body and soul to destruction. This thing has been tolerated and winked at