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men. What then is that key of knowledge? I assume it to be this: the opportunity to seek the truth in all things, without prejudice in regard to all human relations, facts and conditions. Truth is not created by any man; it is merely discovered. In every age there have been men or classes of men who would cover up the truth with artifice and invention, and restrain other men from finding it. When at last men gained freedom to seek the truth, to do their own thinking, women were still restrained. But at last women, too, have won that freedom. The politicians have a slogan, "Let the people rule." There might be another slogan, "Let the women think." But this key of knowledge at last, as never before, men and women have taken this matter into their own hands; they are saying, "we will have the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the tru[t]h," in regard [t]o all human relations, facts and conditions. Great organizations are formed, great meetings held for nothing but this, to find the truth, and having found it, to legalize it. Assuredly moral leadership is with those who are determined to see facts as they are and to tell the truth about them. THE FINAL TEST. The final test is the recognition of leadership. Is Christian America stoning her prophets or honoring them? The statue of Frances Willard is in the capitol at Washington. When Mrs. Sarah Platt Decker, of Denver, died, public honors were accorded her. When Mrs. Stevens, president of the National W. C. T. U., died, the Governor of Maine ordered flags to be placed at half mast, saying "no citizen of Maine had ever rendered more distinguished service." Miss Jane Addams has been called the "first citizen" of the United States. Dr. Anna Shaw has won for herself a position of moral leadership which few, if any, can equal. Moral leadership is asserting itself, combating that vicious, complacent theory of "necessary evil". There are strong men and women who have set up the standard of moral perfection, not as a remote theory, but as a present necessity. De Tocqueville said, "A new science of politics is indispensable to a new world." The demand for political freedom will inevitably follow the consciousness of moral and intellectual freedom. Political freedom in this new world means the right of suffrage. Shall men deny political freedom when God has given to women moral freedom and moral leadership? NELLIE N. SOMERVILLE, Greenville, Miss. Democrat-Times Print, Greenville, Miss.