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March 14, 1916. To Mrs. John H. Lewis, Lynchburg, Va. Dear Cousin Lizzie:- Mr. Taylor Ellyson has called a meeting of the State Democratic Committee for Wednesday night March 22nd at Murphy's Hotel, we want to appear before that committee and ask that we be allowed to present a resolution to the State Democratic Convention, looking forward to putting a woman suffrage plank in the National Democratic platform. We feel that a good deal of tact will be necessary to accomplish this. We have been advised on good authority that it would be better not to make the request ahead of time but simply to appear at the committee meeting and ask to be hear for a few moments, but we must if possible get hold of a few sympathetic members of that committee and pledge them to move that we be heard. I understood you to say that Mr. W. H. Miller of Lynchburg was a memb of your League. Can you not see him about this, and make sure that he does not speak of the plan and thus warn the enemy ahead of time? I am writing t Norfolk also to see if we cannot interest Judge Ackiss one of the memb from that district. This Committee is to decide the time and place of meeti of the State Convention. We can scarcely hope for endorsement at the hands of this convention, but we can at least put it up to them. Let me hear from you as soon as you can. Affectionately, Lila Meade Valentine