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[letterhead] [center of page] Virginia League of Women Voters Affiliated with the National League of Women Voters Honorary Chairman Mrs. B. B. Valentine, Richmond, VA Honorary Vice-Chairman Mrs. John H. Lewis, Lynchburg, VA. Chairman Miss Adele Clark, Richmond, VA Headquarters 100 N. 4th Street

[left side of page] Vice-Chairman Mrs. B. B. Munford, Richmond, VA. Miss Lucinda Lee Terry, Roanoke, VA. Miss Elizabeth V. Gaines, Saxe, VA. Recording Secretary Mrs John T. Lewis, Clarksville, VA. Treasurer Mrs. E. G. Kidd, Richmond, VA. Auditor Miss Nellie Leigh Steward, Petersburg, VA. Congressional District Directors Miss Retta J. Smith, Chincoteague Mrs. C. W. Townsend, Norfolk Mrs. Frank L. Jobson Richmond Mrs. E. J. Nixon Petersburg Mrs. John H. Lewis Petersburg Miss M. E. Pidgeon Clarke County Miss Rose M. Macdonald Alexandria Mrs. W. W. King Staunton Chairmen Standing Committees Child Welfare Mrs. Louis Brownlow Petersburg Women in Industry Miss Lucy R. Mason Richmond Social Hygiene Dr. Kate Waller Barrett Alexandria Food Supply and Demand Miss Hazel Gallegher Williamsburg American Citizenship Mrs. Ellie Marcus Marx Norfolk Miss Cornelia Adair State Education Richmond Election laws and methods Miss M.E. Pidgeon Clarke County Research and data Mrs. G. Harvey Clarke Richmond Citizenship education Miss E. V. Gaines Saxe Legislation Miss Nora Houston Richmond Finance Mrs. Faith W. Morgan Richmond [symbol] [on right side of paper] Department of Organization Miss Roberta Wellford, Field Director University, VA. Department of Citizenship Education in co-operation with University of Virginia Miss M.E. Pidgeon, Director University, VA. Executive and Press Secretary Mrs. Edith Clark Cowles, Richmond, VA

May 16, 1921. My dear Mrs. Townsend:- Responses received in reply to my previous letter in regard to the time and place of holding our state board meeting this month prove that we will not have a quorum if we attempt to meet in Roanoke on the 20-21. This makes it imperative that we hold this meeting in Richmond.

Since writing you last, we have had notice from Mrs. Maud Wood Park of an important national conference to be held in Washington on the 25., inst., at which she wishes a Virginia representative present. We find also that the children's code commission is to meet in Richmond on the 26th. This will take away three of our board members, and so it seems wiser now to set the board meeting definitely for the 27-28, at headquarters, which would enable us to hear the report of the representative to the national conference. We hope that these dates will be convenient to the majority and that a large number will be present, as several important matters must be discussed.

Many of our members are heartily in favor of holding board meetings in various parts of the state. Several were enthusiastic about holding this meeting in Roanoke, but some of these were the very members who said they could not attend. It is felt that we must decide at this next meeting when and where the August meeting will take place.

Hoping you will make a special effort to be present on the 27-28, Cordially yours, Adele Clark, chairman. Dear Mrs. Townsend:- I feel I just must add a line to this to say how proud we are of you about getting Norfolk County organized. I was also delighted that your bag was returned, because I thought it too bad that you should