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A month ago the passing of the woman who practically gave her life in order that women should be full citizens made us realize anew that through this league her ideals could be incarnated in the state and that we cannot forsake the work she entrusted to us.

But reenforcements in the shape of money are absolutely essential and it is to the board that I appeal first. For the ten months from November 1920 to August 1921 inclusive, the cost of operation and organization, in round numbers, has been--- For field work, statewide citizenship education, headquarters, including salaries of secretaries, publicity, printing, postage, national dues----$6000.00 Of which we have received and spent----1950.00 Leaving a deficit of -----$4050.00

This has been simply to carry out in a limited way work voted on by the state board. I wish to call your attention to the fact that at this rate for ten months the league in twelve months will have lived within its budget to the amount of about $3,000.00---a budget of $10,000.00 having been adopted at the organizational convention.

The cookery book projected n February and which we think will be on the market in the early fall will at a conservative estimate net to the league $3,500.00, provided the entire edition is sold. There will be in your hands at the board meeting a detailed financial statement showing the quotas of local leagues paid in, and personal pledges paid and owed. There are people who can and will give to this league if you will ask them.

If your state chairman were a woman of means she would be glad to have the privilege of giving largely. Without being too personal, however, I wish to state that at least $315.00 worth of orders are at this moment waiting my attention in my studio because work of the league of Women Voters, clerical as well as administrative, has been so pressing that I have been compelled to postpone the execution of these orders. I mention this only to show how vital I consider the work of the league. The finance chairman has given far out of proportion to her means.

If you want enacted the legislation for child welfare which will be proposed by the chlldren's code commission in 1922, and which will mean the saving of the bodies and souls of thousands of Virginia children; if you want the work for citizenship education continued, the interest in good government aroused, the co-operation of citizens accomplished, come to the board meeting prepared with plans, pledges from your community, or subscriptions and memberships. Sincerely yours, Adele Clark, chairman. Hotel rates---Virginian (will be our headquarters) Rooms range from $1.50 to $4.00 and The Carroll, from $1.25 to $3.00. The Norfolk and Western will run an excursion to Lynchburg on the 23rd, returning on the 27th. You can purchase one of these tickets at the very special rate of about one-half of regular fare one way and use it for returning home thus saving half of return fare.