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P. O. Box 869, Norfolk, Virginia, October 12th, 1921. Mrs. W. M. Lawrence Rawls Apt. Suffolk Va. Sec'y Woman Club Mrs. C. P. Donnell, Chairman, Republican Women's Club, Norfolk, Virginia. My dear Mrs. Donnell, In reply to your request about the citizenship lectures: The course Miss Pidgeon offers consists of sixteen two-hour lectures, thirty-two hours in all. One lecture is given daily, either afternoon or evening as desired, your club to bear the expense of travelling to and from the University, and of entertainment during the time required, approximately, three weeks. Fees can be arranged on the basis of the number of persons attending, the only aim being to cover actual expense. There is no charge for the lectures themselves. If a daily lecture is not desired, arrangements can be made for two or three a week since two other organizations in this section are planning to have to lectures each a week and Miss Pidgeon can divide her time and expense among the three. The title of the Course is Citizenship and Virginia Government; It includes such subjects as: County Government in Virginia; City Government in Virginia; How a Law is Passed; The Constitution of Our State; The Making of the National Constitution; The Election and Duties of the President; Administrative Boards of Virginia; etc. Examination is given at the close, but those merely attending the course thru interest and desiring no credit need not, of course, take the examination. Those attending are encouraged to ask all desired questions.