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Cullins and before the death of Henley Cullins, the survivor of her sister Polly, are Slaves, and constitute a part of John Cullins' estate, and which by the terms of his Will are given in remainder to his emancipated Slaves, whose right to freedom accrued upon the death of Henley Cullins; and whereby it was ordered and decreed that the defendant Creed Taylor deliver up to John C. Stratton admor de bonis non with the Will annexed of John Cullins dec'd the Slave Martha in the Bill mentioned, and any other of the children of the said emancipated Slaves, born since the death of the said John Cullins, and before the death of Henley Cullins, which he may now hold; and whereby the said admor was ordered to hold the same subject to the future order of the Court: Now if the said Creed Taylor, his exors or admors shall prosecute the said writ with effect, or shall well & truly pay & satisfy all such costs & damages as shall be awarded in case the said decree shall be affirmed, then the above obligation to be void, otherwise it is to remain in full force. Creed Taylor (Seal) John F. Cox (Seal) Powhatan Circuit Court Clerks Office Cotober the 17, 1853. This day Jno T. Cox made oath before me in due form that he is possessed of property in his own right sufficient after the payment of his debts to satisfy the penalty of the foregoing bond, of one thousand Dollars. Teste. Wm S. Dance C.