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The Right Honourable Thomas Lord Fairfax Baron of Cameron in that Part of Great Britain called Scotland Proprietor of The Northern Neck of Virginia To all to whom this present Writing shall come sends Greeting Whereas George Mason of Fairfax County Esq hath set forth to my Office that he is in Possession of a certain Tract of Land on the North Branch of Little Hunting Creek in the said County as Son and Heir at Law of Colo George Mason deced which said Tract of land was formerly granted for One hundred and five Acres by Deed dated February 24th 1709 to Thomas Sandeford who divised the same to his Wife and her Heirs for ever who afterwards intermarried with a certain John Lewis which said John Lewis and his wife [illegible] and conveyed the same to the said Colo George Mason deced. And the said George Mason Esq conceiving that this was Surplus Land within the Bounds of the said Tract and desiring my Deed for the whole having for that Purpose presented a Resurvey thereof from under the Hand of John Hough whereby it appears that there are within the Bounds thereof One hundred and fifty two Acres of Land of which Forty seven Acres are Surplus Know ye that for the Causes aforesaid for and in Consideration of the Composition to me paid for the said Surplus Land and for the annual Rent hereinafter reserved on the whole I have given granted and confirmed and by these Presents for me my Heirs and Assigns do give grant and confirm unto the said George Mason Esq the said 152 Acres of Land bounded by the said Resurvey as follows Beginning at a small marked White Oak and two Birch Trees on the East Side of the main North Branch of Little Hunting Creek in the Edge of a Piece of cleared Ground where formerly stood a Spanish Oak beginning Corner tree to the origins tract and lower corner of a tract granted to Thomas Sandiford now in possession of Dr George Alexander, and running thence with the dividing Line of the said George Mason and George Alexander lately [illegible] hundred and seventy two Poles to the Line of Nicholas Brent's now Col George Washington's Land near a small Drain or Branch, Then with the said Washington's Line So [NE?}:W Ninety Poles to an ancient mark {illegible} from a water oak and a white Oak standing in a drain or sunk piece of ground [illegible] the said Brent's now Washington's Land, Then with another of his Lines So81:30N: One hundred and nineteen Poles to an ancient marker [illegible] on a Hill Side near the N.E. Fork of Little Hunting Creek in a line of George Brent alias Thomas Longsman Then with the said line [No13:15:Et?} One hundred and sixty six Poles to a mark't water oak Corner to the said Brent's Patent standing on the East Side of the aforesaid North Branch of Little Hunting Creek, Thence up the said North Branch and binding with the [illegible] of it No 31: Et Thirty four Poles opposite an ancient mark't white oak standing on the West Side of the said Branch, Still with it's Maenders No:70:Et: Forty Poles and No:30:Et: Thirty five Poles to the Beginning {illegible] with all Rights Members and Appurtenances thereunto belonging Royal mines excepted and a full [illegible] of all Lead Copper tin coale and Iron ore that shall be foundthereon To have andto hold the said 152 Acres of land together with all Rights Profits and Benefits to the [illegible] belonging or in any wise appertaining Except before excepted To him the said George Mason {illegible} his Heirs and Assigns therefore Yielding and paying to me my Heirs or Assigns or to my Certain Attorney or Attornies of my Heirs or Assigns Proprietors of the said Northern Neck yearly and every year on the feast day of St Michael the Archangel the Fee Rent of One Shilling Sterlinge Money for every Fifty Acres of land hereby granted and {illegible] aportionably for {illegible} Provided that if the said George Mason his Heirs and Assigns shall not pay the said reserved Annual Rents as aforesaid so that the same or any Part thereof shall be behind and unpaid by the Space of Two whole years after the same shall become due If legally demanded that the it shall and may be lawful for me and my Heirs or Assigns Proprietors as aforesaid my or their Certain Attorney or Attornies Agent or Agents into the above granted Premises to reenter and hold the same as if this Grant had never passed. Given at my Office in {illegible} County,under my Hand and seal Dated the Ninth Day of October D One thousand and seven hundred and seventy one Registered in the Proprietary Office in Book I Folio 195