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Report of Chairman of the State Congressional Committee.

In the beginning of last December, a Chairman was appointed by the President of the Equal Suffrage League of Virginia for the conduct of congressional matters in the State of Virginia. I was honored by that commission. I endeavored as soon as possible to appoint a District Chairman of each Congressional District in the State. These efforts have so far, not been entirely successful, since all the districts are not yet orginized: each such officers as have accepted the trust have been efficient and loyal, though working under very hampering conditions.. They are:

I District Miss Ellen Robinson, Washington DC II " Mrs. Charles E Townsend Norfolk III " Mrs. G. Harvey Clarke, Richmond IV. Mrs. Roberta Large, Farmville V " VI" Mrs. J. H. Whitner, Roanoke VII " Miss Roberta Wellford, University VIII " Mrs. Taylor Burke, Alexandria IX " Miss Eugenia Bumgardner, Big Stone Gap X " Mrs. W.W. King Staunton.