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Report of Chairman of the State Congressional Committee.

In the beginning of last December, a Chairman was appointed by the President of the Equal Suffrage League of Virginia for the conduct of congressional matters in the State of Virginia. I was honored by that commission. I endeavored as soon as possible to appoint a District Chairman of each Congressional District in the State. These efforts have so far, not been entirely successful, since all the districts are not yet orginized: each such officers as have accepted the trust have been efficient and loyal, though working under very hampering conditions.. They are:

I District Miss Ellen Robinson, Washington DC II " Mrs. Charles E Townsend Norfolk III " Mrs. G. Harvey Clarke, Richmond IV. Mrs. Roberta Large, Farmville V " VI" Mrs. J. H. Whitner, Roanoke VII " Miss Roberta Wellford, University VIII " Mrs. Taylor Burke, Alexandria IX " Miss Eugenia Bumgardner, Big Stone Gap X " Mrs. W.W. King Staunton.

It is desirable to appoint County Chairman who in turn will have charge of their respective county leagues. This will perfect a closer and more effective organization than we have ever had in Virginia.

The District Chairmen interview the Congressmen and Congressional candidates within their district, and publish results. All candidates of all parties are urged to put into effect throughout the state the recommendations of their respective parties for the enfranchisement of the women of Virginia - since that is the specific recommendation of the two dominant political parties. Democrats and Republicans everywhere are to be urged to this course in loyalty to their party pledge.