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                                            Members General Assembly,1920
                                                   Member of the Senate 

1. Washington Smyth and city of Bristol---*J. H. Hassinger, Abingdon. 2. Scot, Lee and Wise---*Chas. S. Pendleton, Hill Station. 3. Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell and Tazewell---*R. O. Crockett, Taze-


4. Roanoke county, Montgomery and cities of Roanoke and Radford-

  D. L. Andrews, Roanoke

5. Giles, Bland, Pulaski and Wythe---E. Lee Trinkle, Wytheville 6. Carroll, Grayson and Patrick---*J. M. Parsons, Independence. 7. Craig, Botetourt, Alleghany, Bath city of Clifton Forge---George

  W. Layman, Newcastle.

8. Rockingham---*John Paul, Harrisonburg. 9. Augusta, Highland and city of Stauton---*F. Percy Loth, Wayne-


10. Shenandoah, Frederick and city of winchester---Harry Flood Byrd,


11. Fauguir and Loundoun---J. B. Beverley, The Plains. 12. Clarke, page and Warren---Robert F. Leedy, Luray 13. Spotsylvania, Stafford, Louisa and city of Fredericksburg---C. O'Conor

   Goolrick, Fredericksburg.