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(14) full and fair opportunity of collecting his evidence and the whole truth set fourth and discover respecting the premises before and since his Interest attaches as well such matters and things as comes within his own knowledge as those which he has received from the information of the other Defendant and others and when all things shall be considered your Orator prays that an Injunction be granted with a subpoena directed to the proper Officer to be served on the Defendants with an endorsement Inhibatory that the said Johnson do not Convey or send away your orator but that he have him fourthcoming at the trail and in the meantime answerable to such Order or Orders as this Court shall deem necessary during the pendency of this Cause and that the court the premise considered will grant to your Orator a new trial that the former Verdict be set aside and that your Orator have leave to make Johnson a defendant with Corbell and that the verdict in the event of a new trial be certified to the Chancery side of this Court and such other and further relief as may be deemed right and equitable and your Orator as in duty bound will ever pray &c. July Rules Defendants not appearing a new subpoena is awarded against them (15) them Returnable to the next term. And at a Rule day held in the Clerks Office of the County aforesaid the [blank] day of August following came the complainant aforesaid by his attorney and the Defendants not appearing and the sheriff having returned the subpoena awarded executed on Johnson and Corbett not found an attachment is awarded against the Defendant Johnson for answer he not appearing and a new subpoena against the other Defendant. And at a Court of monthly session held for said County at the Court house thereof on Monday the 12h day of October 1812 in the 37h year of The Commonwealth Isaac Complainant against Peter Corbell Thomas Johnson Defendants } In Chancery It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that the Defendant Corbell is not our Inhabitant of this state and he not having entered his appearance according to an act of assembly and the rules of this Court it is Ordered that he appear here on the 2d Monday in January next and Answer the Bill of the Complainant and that a Copy of this Order be inserted in some one of the Lynchburg papers for two months successively and posted at the front door of said Court house on two several Court days. A Copy Teste John Alexander D. C. This.