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29. depositions according to Law, in not being certified by the Clerk of the County in which said depositions were taken because the said Commissioners do not state themselves to be Justices of the peace and because in other respects the said Depositions are not taken according to Law. the CommonWealth of Virginia to Thomas Humphreys and Jno M Gordon, Tho W Cocke Gentlemen Justices of the County of Campbell greeting know ye that we trusting to your fidelity and provident circumspection in Examining William Norvell James Martin David Moore Joseph Nichols Thomas A McCleland F. Gray, S. King Geo. McDaniel James McKing and Wil Robinson as well on behalf of Isaac who has leave to sue in form a pauperis Plaintiff as on behalf of Thomas Johnson and Peter Corbell Defts in a certain matter of Controversy in our said County Court of Campbell depending and undetermined Command you or any two or more of you that at such certain time and place as you shall appoint you assemble yourselves and the Witnesses aforesaid you call and cause to come and diligently examine them on the holy Evangelist of Almighty God and their Examination so taken you plainly and distinctly without delay send and certify us thereof in our said Court enclosed returning also this Writ Witness Robert Alexander Clerk of our said Court the 17th day of February 1813 In the 37 year of the Commonwealth Ro. Alexander William Radford Esquire take notice that on Wednesday the 3d day of March 1813 between the hours of nine oClock in the forenoon and six in the afternoon of said day at the Tavern house of Nathl Reives in the town of Lynchburg, I intend taking the depositions of Wm Nowell James Martin David Moore Joseph Nichols Thos S. McCleland Francis Gray Sackville King George McDaniel James McKining and William Robinson to be read as evidence in the Injunction now depending in the County Court of Campbell in which I am complainant and Thomas Johnson and Peter Corbell (whose attorney you are) are defendants, when and where you may attend to Cross interrogate the Witnesses should you think proper Respectfully Isaac Plaintiff in form a pauperis Lynchburg February 27th 1813