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To the honorable, the judge of the Richmond, chancery-district-court. The petition of the Charles Evans, Amey Evans, Sushey Evans, Sinar Evans, Solomon Evans, Frankey Evans , Solly Evans, Milly Evans, Adam Evans and Harnah Evans holder in slavery by Lewis Allen , of the county of Halifax humbly sheweth: that your petitioners are descendants from Jane Gibson, a free Indian woman, who and most of whose posterity have obtained their freedom by judgements of different courts: that there is a great danger of their being remained out of the commonwealth by the said allen; as zone of the same blood have been sold by the said allen in the state of North Carolina. Your petitioners therefore pros that they may be permitted to sue in formea pace herum Lc - March 5, 1804 I beg leave to certify it to be my opinion, that the above allegations are supported by documents in my popepion, and that the petitioners are entitled to freedom. Edm: Randolph, a counsel in the said court.