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Saturday, March 4 64th day - 302 days follow [illegible] Definitely a staging area for an invasion- I heard a report from the States- the war is to be over by April- Hope so! 7th Army [rumored?] in England- my old outfit seems to be getting all the good breaks. The old man Chaplain (col) [illegible] is leaving us for D.S. with the fifth Army-He certainly made [mass?] a pleasure to attend on Sundays. He is in my opinion about the greatest man I've ever met. Personal danger means nothing to him. Any day this [illegible] can be seen on the front lines [armed?] with a cane and his [cherished?] smile. Everybody loves the old man even our enemies. His staff: one day Bob [illegible] the [protestant?] section told me "If God is like him, heaven must be a wonderful place to meet him." I understand he is to be a [big?] [illegible] [illegible]