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Wednesday, March 15 75th day - 291 days follow

at monte cassino - funny world - Its [present?] distraction

Mar 6 - Left II Corp Finance and joined this new organization no regret leaving that bunch of cut-throats - Regular Army men - The old man wished me well, going through the motion of how good a man I am - He is still [tops?] by me -

Mar 7 - [USO?] show yesterday fair - John Garfield, Typical [kike?] impressing on our simple minds that he was married 11 years with two children - a few dirty jokes plus a girl named Shelia Rogers, from Brooklyn - also his type - Jean Darling - formally of Our Gang comedy -

Mar 8 - Bobby [Gilchrist?] a very good show plus some very good talent - 143rd infantry [Band?] still about the best around Received a letter from Olga - It was a classic plus a few snapshots - Thoughtful of her - I think I'll turn on the pressure from here on in -

J.Ryan taking a physical exam for induction - I think Roosevelt is drafting all the Republicans for any further opposition -