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Thursday, April 13 104th day - 262 days to follow Thomas Jefferson - Born 1743 (Ala.) May 7- Went to Mass this morning later I left to drive into Naples - you would never think a war was going on. the place is like N.Y.C. as a matter of fact the crowed streets I went back to my hustling along like I was in Times Square locale -

Saw Phil Williams and Mayer Cliff before they left for the States - Also picked up some tickets for Tuesday nite opera "Aida" I am going.

Rumored the Poles are now going to take Cassino. The British I guess are still holding back-

May 8- At eh movies the (S.S) (Specl Ser) are showing the set of 7 films "Why we fight". It is definitely a propaganda movie. I had seen it back in the States - The annoying thin about the film is that it takes on a new significance because I have been in all the cities pictures too place.Also I have seen what dictatorship tried to accomplish.

May 9th is the date set for the big push at Cassino - The British have substituted the Poles at the last minute - Releaving the 8th Army - They are at it again- Reported this morning the Germans bombed Vanafro. Evidently they are expecting the push-