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Saturday, April 15 106th day - 260 days follow Passover (8th Day)

Begining to believe this Free French movement. As we passed through Sessa [Sessa Arunca?] their brothers lined the streets shouting good luck to their comrades going to the front. (Vive La Belle France).

I guess the pressure starts late to-night or to-morrow. Our 155 and 240 opened up 10. PM so I guess we don't sleep to-night.

The invasion could happen also - no fouling up - I pray-

My sleeping bag came to-day - What would I have given for it last winter at Cassino

May- 1- Heavy artillery opened up to night early We watched the shell hitting near Casteforte and it was big stuff - I look through the glasses and in two shots we knocked out the road.

Gen'l Clarke, General Alexander, Gen Keyes General Devers were here at noon the planning tent was closed to us - for a few days- I guess we are ready-