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Friday, April 28 119th day - 247 days follow

Also the German air force ain't dead - What a strafe job those babies can hand out - I hope my hunch is wrong - but i still play them and havent been wrong-

More work has come in - Mail is piling up and I havent time to answer it- 12000+ prisoners to date - nice bat.

May 27th - The natives are coming in from the hills, considering it safe to go back to their beat up and blasted homes. All the young girls are pregnant, and from all signs it looks like the Germans did a little night work.

these people are so dirty, so hungry ti is rather a sad sight - They actually knock us over in the chow line with their buckets, begging food - To me personally I don't feel sorry for them, the kids I do, but the older people no - They asked for it, world conquest, they were after, so defeat they should suffer-

I guess the Germans are building up, a bastard army, for a future war 20 years from now - a native speaking English told me, his two daughters were killed by the Germans, when a platoon of soldiers abused them - That of course is his story-