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Thursday, May 11 132nd day - 234 days follow Castle of Saint Angelo - very unique!

lucky I am to be here -

June } 11-16 - A furlough in Rome - Just bummed around, went swimming and had a very splendid rest - (1) Castle of St Angelo (2) St John Lateran Church (3).St Pauls Church outside the wall Our new area is five miles outside of Rome - II Corp being the only outfit stationed here, had to get out due to the fact Rome is an open city -

No blackout, and it looks great to see a city with all lights on in the distance -

We had a few air-raids, one anti-personel, hit about 1000 yards from us - Plenty of protection because where we are is a system of underground passage capable of holding all of corp if necessary -

Sunday - church again and the old man is still as happy and pleasant as ever -

The Major was drunk yesterday and picked us out in a group to cry on our shoulders - He is urinated off because he was not recommended for Lt. Col. If he ever gets that rank I quit. A guy, a bank teller, with absolutely nothing on the ball, just plain politics, and of course the captain is helpless. If this is the army