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Thursday, May 25 146th day - 220 days follow

Red Cross girl from Florida - It all happened when I went over to the Air Force Finance sector to see some of my boys - What a sweet deal they have,

Had a nice time sailing around [Port Lon Stonfino?] [Porto Santa Stefano?] This Jane is O.K. so I might get around there at our next area -

July 11 - New area in the mountain - Multi Bonuo [Buono], good and cool fresh air - perfect sleeping -

Saw the General on the way to breakfast -, still working as hard as ever - Right there with the Good Morning corporal - Nice Morning -

Starting to read a copy of ancient history, a high school book and has much information - Got to keep my mind occupied or go insane -

Russia past Vilma - both North and South attacks - This adds up to the Tedeski on the ropes -

The invasion still has us doing the work, British picking the soft touches -

July 12 - News bouno [buono] from Russia. We got Caen, a necessary springboard for the invasion to the South. That fiasco starting about the last of this month - The squeeze play is on - Corp is getting ready for that Florence deal - The frogs (II Corp Exped.) Arabs, getting relief and