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Sunday May 28 2414 Pacific Avenue | San Francisco | California 149th day - 217 days follow Whitsunday

4. Via Berlini (Piazza Giuseppe Verde) Rome - (North of Borghese Gardens)

Ed Masur and Jack Stone assigned to the 88th Div. Finance Office - It looks like a fair deal - At least the boys are sure of rotation have longevity on this fresh division men -

July 16 - Had a wonderful U.S.O. show last night Josy [Jascha] Heifetz the famous violinist - He was quite versatile played among his concert, Victor Herbert's famous songs The music was grand and we all enjoyed ourselves for the first time in a cultural manner -

The movie was Men in White, very good, and it included a very pretty blonde adorned the picture long enough to be interest

July 17 - The war is going along nicely - I hope the France beachhead develops to a good front - The VI Corp and 3 divisions are in Corsica - Evidently a move into Genoa or Southern France - I think this move might be easy as the Germans more than their hands full defending against Russia and the French invasion -