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Tuesday, June 27 179th day - 187 days follow

We took the heavy spot of the Seigfried line, with only artillery and recon and broke it - I can't figure it out -

At Rimini the Limey's are coming along very slow I guess this must be a 30 years war to those boys -

Saw the movies last night "Going My Way," very good and wonderful entertainment -

Sept 30 - Went to Florance [Florence], and had a perfectly wonderful time. Spent the complete morning browsing in the International library and had some wonderful luck.

Bought two books of my favorite historian Hillaire Belloc namely. The Jews - and Six Famous British Battles - These naturally are to be added to my collection - strange the place you find things.

The battle front here is going not to swell. Two regts of the 34th Div went into the pass to knock out the defenses to the highway - This has to be done, because we can't wait all year for the Limeys to come up from Rimini -

French Front going fairly well, althought that Airborne Division dropped, were left holding the bag.