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Wednesday, June 28 180th day - 186 days follow

Oct 1 - 5 - Moved to a new area, a place five miles south of the Futa Pass - The villa is called Scarperia, and a beautiful location the last night reception was a straffing job every half hour all night -

Naturally I have post war plans of my own, so I hauled ass for a fox hole. The Luftwaffe is still around, the hits were an ammo dump of the 34th Division and a small gasoline dump. It made quite a bit of noise a few anti personnel bombs were dropped no damage but a lot of noise and smoke -

It looks as if we have hit another Cassino. This place is rough and the defenses are strong enough to with stand our heavy artillery fire. True, the line has been broken, but we are still 15 miles from Bologna, The limeys are still at Rimini taking time out for tea - To them this looks like a 30 years war.

Al Bergan took a 30 day furlough to the States. A bad deal because he is over 38 and has to come back to this outfit - a hurting man.

I went to Florence and enjoyed myself -