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Thursday, June 29 181st day - 185 days follow SS. Peter and Paul, Ap.

Oct 5 - 15 - News during the past 10 days has been favorable. This Italian campaign is taking a beating in this damned rain and mud. It has rained steadly [steadily] until the 10th, and the mud is now knee deep.

Tanks went up this morning and were complete with rocket guns. The last peak before the valley has yet to be taken - After Bologna Corp is to be pulled off the lines, for a rest and our new job is either France, the States or India -

Been into Florence about 10 times I met an English show girl and this chick really surprised me - After a few drinks I took off but she is worth coming back to see. She insisted I go in back stage and made me promise to look her up in Bologna - What a babe, and a build - It is definitely shacking stuff and right now I'm ready - Incidenty that babe is quite a good necking [job?]

Enough of my private affairs -

Expect a break through in about 5 days, Good weather prevailing and the British get off their ass and get moving -

Mail has been very poor, haven't heard from J Ryan in over two months but that is to be expected, everything is becoming strained and near the breaking point