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Saturday, July 1 183rd day - 183 days follow Precious Blood

Leo Gibson came up for the day and I had and he just bathed the [becage] for the time-

Oct 20th Talked to Col Harris this morning at the War tent - He claims in all sincerity that Bologna will near be taken with a frontal assault. The British are past Remiss and very slowly moving on. However their drive hasn't co-ordinated itself with our push, so we are out on a limb. [Ledischi] knows it and brought up six new divisions to hold that spot. Whey the German is holding here is rather vague. A break through by us would mean another entrance to Germany proper - A clear road to Austria - A delaying action by the German wouldn't be too effective because we've got the air powand his losses shouldn't be estimated - He is (Ledischi) going to hang on and the cold winter is going to help him out.

Oct 30 - Rumor we are the outfit going ot the CBI theatre - [Seward Kiges] wants his third star and that theatre has been broken into two commands so it looks evident something concerning us is in the making - I look for a change -