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Saturday, July 1 183rd day - 183 days follow Precious Blood

Geo Gibson came up for the day and I had and he just batted the breeze for the time-

Oct 20th Talked to Col Harris this morning at the War tent, He claims in all sincerity that Bologna will near be taken with a frontal assault. The British are past Remissi and very slowly moving on. However their drive hasn't co-ordinated itself with our push, so we are out on a limb. Ledischi knows it and brought up six new divisions to hold that spot. Why the German is holding here is rather vague. A break through by us would mean another entrance to Germany proper. A clear road to Austria. A delaying action by the German wouldn't be too effective because we've got the air power and his losses couldn't be estimated. He is (Ledischi) going to hang on and the cold winter is going to help him out.

Oct 30 - Rumor we are the outfit going ot the CBI theatre. General Keyes wants his third star and that theatre has been broken into two commands so it looks evident something concerning us is in the making. I look for a change.