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Thursday, August 3 216th day -- 150 days follow

away from us. The plane tried to hit the pass, and missed by a good margin. There was also [stroffing?] -

We all had to hit the ground fast, I dove over a table and hit the terra firma plenty hard. It all happened so fast that one realized the danger until the shots of his "50" sounded. This sort of thing is to be expected by us because the Spring offensive will soon take shape. This offensive I hope and pray is the last one and also that Lady Luck still smiles on us -

Tomorrow I'm taking off for 3 days in Firenze - thank God for that. The full moon will be over and everything will be normal again.

Expecting to do big things in town. The opera Carman is playing and that is on my must list -

Visited the Laison Room and now have 63 Infantry divisions in France, 22 in the Pacific 5 in Italy, 6 Marine division in the Pacific also This strength is American, no including any others -

Reports from Russia, France and the Pacific are multi [?] Our offensive is 6 miles from Cologne, and that in our ass jacket adds a little more on the odds for Germany's surrender. The Marines are in a tight spot on that 8 [cg?] mile of hell they are supposed to take for the Navy.