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Friday, August 4 217th day - 149 days follow

Mar 1 - 5. Spend some time in town and had a very quiet time - Saw the picture "Dr. Wassell and did enjoy it inspite of the pure unadulterated propaganda.

Rumor has it from the British, that the 8th Army is going back to Cairo for re-equipment for Burma - Six divisions of Wops are going to take over?

What a mess we are in, Negros, Brazilians and Wops on each flank and not one of them knowing how to fight.

News from France very good but the crossing of the Rhine is a son of a bitch of an operation and how is it to be done --

Russia is re-grouping at least that is the news

Mar 7 - The Rhine River has been crossed by the American First Army yesterday afternoon - between Cablenza and Bonne - It looks like the armor is going in for the kill.

Mar 9 - This war is shaping for the kill. Here in Italy nothing is happening except the 92nd div got a blast in the N. Y. Times as being the worst and scariest stuff ever put on any front -- Funny the P. M. paper didn't come out with a blast --

Russia is moving again - We have a firm hold now across the Rhine ---