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Saturday, August 5 218th day - 148 days follow

Mar 15 to 20. Went to Florence and had a most enjoyable time - I spent Sunday afternoon at Liesale [La Salle] one of the most beautiful places I've ever been - A very charming dowager acted as guide, she was as interesting as she was charming -

Visited a benedictine monastary, and there was quite fortunate, picking up a set of pictures of the old abby at Monte Cassino, our stumbling block of this war -

The most unusual thing to note about these pictures from the ordinary is the fact that one card has written in Italian and German, attesting to the innocense of the Germans occupation of the abby when the allies bombed it - My conversation with the priest there, and the only answer was a statement that the German guns must have there or the Americans wouldn't have bombed it.

There will always be the doubt as to the answer, which will take years to straighten out. However two questions will always remain, one "Did we bomb it to cover errors made by the General staff," thus creating an alibi. After the bombing, it was very difficult to pass, with many casualities by the Polish II corp -- Two -- How did the Germans have such accurately placed shells down our throats.