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Monday, August 7 220th day - 146 days follow

The Germans have changed command by appointing Kesseling replacing Von Rundstedt. It looks like a defensive move, putting Kesseling the Italian general since Salerno in charge.

It has been rumored that Von Rundstedt asked for an armistice after the Rhine river had been crossed. He claimed their backs militarily is broken and it is an useless struggle if they go on, wasting manpower. Being over-ruled, Kesselring another anti-Nazi, things are in a state of confusion.

Personally, this unconditional surrender of ours leaves the German no recourse but fight on. If so, a costly delaying action to us and the Germans will result. Kesselring will see to it. He is good and in Italy we consider him one of the world's best defense master - He has been against for 2 years and what he accomplished needs no comment --

Also it might be a set up for a surrender due to the fact that Kesselring a catholic, not in favor of the Nazi party, might swing a fast deal thus ending this hopeless German struggle --

Heard a very logical argument yesterday - It seems that after the St Lo. break through, the capture of Paris, the German High command were ready for a surrender - Not for us, to accept