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[page one of spread:] [top of page header:] 6 National American Woman Suffrage Association

General Information Check Room No delegates will be allowed to wear hats during the Convention. Check room for hats will be provided at Hotel Statler. Post Office A special Post Office conducted under the Post Office Department of the Government, will be kept open from Monday, March 24th to Saturday, March 29th inclusive, for the convenience of all delegates. Mail may be addressed to Hotel Statler for this period. Sessions All morning sessions will be opened at 9:30 A. M., afternoon sessions at 2:00 P. M., and evening sessions at 8:15 P. M. Information Bureau Two information bureaus will be opened for the convenience of delegates; one at the Union Station from Sunday morning until Tuesday evening, and one in the lobby of Hotel Statler continuously during the convention. Dinner tickets may be received at Information Bureau, Hotel Statler. Chairmen of Committees The Chairmen of all committees, in order that they may be found whey wanted, will be supplied with special seats to be occupied continuousln during the Convention. Ushers and Pages Ushers and pages will wear yellow sashes with "Usher" and "Page" printed thereon. The ushers will attend to the seating of the delegates and the taking of collections. The pages will carry messages. Location of Delegates The location of each delegation may be ascertained by consulting a map which will be provided. Credentials The Credentials Committee will be on duty at the Registration and Credentials Booth in the lobby of the Hotel Statler, Sunday afternoon and Monday and Tuesday from 10:00 A. M. to 6:00 P. M. No credentials will be accepted after Wednesday, March twenty-sixth.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS If you want information concerning the seats of individuals or delegates, concerning the platform or the general arrangements or comfort of the Convention, ask Miss Hay. If you want information concerning admission of new societies, ask Mrs. Andreas Ueland. If you want information concerning possibility of program change, ask Mrs. McCormick. If you want information concerning finance, ask Mrs. Rogers. If you want information concerning organization, field workers or campaigns, ask Mrs. Shuler. If you want information concerning literature or suffrage publications, ask Miss Ogden or Ms. Livermore. If you ant information concerning the business proceedings of the Convention, time for introducing motions, resolutions etc., ask Mrs. Brown. If you want information concerning Congressional work, ask Mrs. Park. If you want information concerning the elections, ask Mrs. J. P. Higgins. If you want information concerning press work, ask Miss Young.

[page two of spread:] [top of page header:] National American Woman Suffrage Association 7 Call to Convention Fiftieth Annual Convention and Double Anniersary 1869-1919 The National American Woman Suffrage Association calls its State Auxiliaries through their elected delegates to meet in annual Convention at St. Louis, Hotel Statler, March 24 to March 29, 1919, inclusive. In 1869, Wyoming led all the world by the grant of full suffrage to its women. The Convention will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of this event. In 1869, the National and the American Woman Suffrage Associations were orgainized-to be combined twenty years later into the National American Woman Suffrage Association. The Convention will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the organization which without a pause has carried forward, during half a century, the effort to secure the enfranchise-ment of women. As a fitting memorial to a half century of progress, the National American Woman Suffrage Association invites the women voters of the fifteen full suffrage States to attend this Anniversary Convention, and there to join their forces into a League of Women Voters, one of whose objects shall be to speed the suffrage campaign in our own and other countries. The Convention will express its pleasure with suitable ceremonials that since last we met the women of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Canada and Germany have received the vote; but it will make searching inquiry into the mysterious causes which deny patriotic, qualified women of our Republic "a voice in their own government," while those of monarchies and erstwhile monarchies are honored with political equality. Suffrage Delegates, Women Voters, there is need of more serious counsel than in any previous year. It is not you but the Nation that has been dishonored by the failure of the 65th Congress to pass the Federal Suffrage Amendment. Let us inquire together. Let us act together. CARRIE CHAPMAN CATT, President. ANNA HOWARD SHAW, Honorary President. KATHERINE DEXTER MCCORMICK, First Vice-President. MARY GARRETT HAY, Second Vice-President. ANNE DALLAS DUDLEY, Third Vice-President. GERTRUDE FOSTER BROWN, Fourth Vice-President. HELEN GARDENER, Fifth Vice-President. EMMA WINNER ROGERS, Treasurer. NETTIE ROGERS SHULER, Corresponding Secretary. JUSTINA L. WILSON, Recording Secretary. JANE M. BROOKS, Director. FLORENCE B. COTNAM, Director. HARRIET BURTON LAIDLAW, Director. HENRIETTA W. LIVERMORE, Director. NONIE B. MAHONEY, Director. ESTHER G. OGDEN, Director. MARY A. SAFFORD, Director. OLGA B. STILLWELL, Director. MAUD WOOD PARK, Chairman Congressional Committee. ROSE YOUNG, National Press Chairman.