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CITY TAX INTERROGATORY. Fill up, sign and return to Room No. 108 in City Hall in fifteen days Penalty for failure to comply Twenty-Five Dollars PERSONS AND PROPERTY TO BE TAXED. For the Year 1912, under the Ordinance "Concerning Assessment of Taxes." Section 9. Each person of full age and sound mind, not a married woman, shall list the personal property in his possession or care, subject to taxation, situated in the city, and the subjects and persons on account of which he is chargeable. The property of a minor shall be listed by his guardian, father, mother, or any other person having charge of the property; of a wife by her trustee, husband, or by herself, of a deceased person, idiot, or lunatic, by the personal representative or committee of a person for whom property is held in trust, by the trustee if in the city, if not, by the "cestui que trust," or his or her father or husband; or of a corporation whose assets are in the hands of agents, receivers, or factors, by such agents, receivers, or factors; every company, firm, body politic or corporate, by the principal accounting officer, partner, or agent thereof. To Equal Suf League of [illegible], Ward 1912 Address [illegible] 1 The value of the visible personal property of every description in the city (except family portraits and private library) which includes household and kitchen furniture, pianos, organs, graphophones and other musical instruments, watches, clocks, jewelry, silver plate and diamonds. 2 The value of horses, mules, ponies and cattle, owned by or in possession. 3 The value of all carriages, wagons, carts and other vehicles, owned by or in possession. 4 The value of all automobiles, motor-cars, or other vehicles of the kind, owned by or in possession. 5 The value of Capital invested, used or employed in any trade ur business ["Capital does not mean only the original capital contributed, but all moneys and credits actively used and employed in carrying on the trade or business, including goods, wares, and merchandise on hand and all solvent bonds, demands or claims made or contracted in the course of business and unpaid. Sums due on the purchases comprising the stock on hand cannot be deducted in arriving at the amount of capital to be taxed."] 6 The amount of bonds or certificates of debt of any country, State, county, municipal or other public corporation putting the same at their market value. 7 The amount of all solvent bonds, notes and securities other than those mentioned above, and all solvent, liquidated and certain demands and claims, however evidenced, or where the debtor may live, whether due or not on the 1st day of February, after deducting all such bonds, &c., due by him as principal debtor. 8 All money in possession of individual, or on deposit to his credit with any bank or other institution or organization, or any person, or otherwise held for his use or benefit, by any bank, person or organization, on February 1st, 1912. 9 The value of shares of stock of all corporations or joint-stock companies- not Virginia corporations or companies- and value of shares of stock in all railroad companies, none of whose lines are in the State of Virginia; giving market value of same as of February 1st, 1912. 10 Moneys, credits, notes, bonds, stocks, choses in action and other evidences of debt, whether held by any personal representative, committee, trustee, cestui trust, guardian, or other fiduciary, whether living in or out of the city, or held subject to the order of any court, subject to taxation, showing in each case in what capacity he is possessed of the same, and list and enter the same on the personal book. "I do solemnly swear that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the above statements contain accurate, full and complete lists of all personal estate, moneys, dividends, interests, credits, and capital, whether the same are in or out of the city, which I am chargeable with taxes; and that, in my opinion, the valuations of property listed are not below the cash value thereof. So help me God."