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REPORT OF THE EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE OF HAMPTON At the monthly meeting of the Hampton Equal Suffrage League held June 3rd at Mrs. John F Nichols' house, thirty-two (32) new members were reported, making a total of 220. This number combined with Newport News, gives a membership roll for the 'Peninsula' of about five hundred. A visit by a delegation of suffragists to the Carpenters' Union in Hampton, was reported. Many signed the petition and six new members joined there. Three large posters and a small map were put up by two of our members in a vacant store (They cleaned the window for the purpose). Books were circulated also. It was voted to adjourn until the first week in September.. (Reported by Mrs. Faith W. Morgan) June 4/15

REPORT OF THE EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE OF NEWPORT NEWS. By Mrs. Faith W Morgan, Financial Secretary. At the monthly meeting of the Newport News League, June 1st, forty-one (41) new [member]s were reported, making a total of 273 members. Three visits to various labor unions were made by a delegation of suffragists, one to the Painters', one to the Carpenters' and one to a general Labor Union meeting, with the result that almost all the men present signed the petition and a good many enrolled as members of the League. We have two more such visits in view for the next week, to the Moulders, June 7th, and the Retail Clerks, June 9th. A letter was sent to the Rev. E T Wellford, for the Presbyterian Assembly, from the Newport News and Hampton Leagues, asking them to pass a resolution in favor of equal suffrage. No reply, however, was received to this request. A vote of protest was passed against the exclusion of women from the local school boards. This was done after seats had been installed in the new John W. Daniel School, which were much too small for the pupils. We had excellent notices of our meeting in the Press.

REPORT OF THE ROANOKE EQUAL FRANCHISE LEAGUE By Mrs. Nannie Burks, President May 4th Mrs. Nannie Burke addressed "Melrose Lodge Machinists" May 14, Mrs. Nannie Burks addressed "North West Mothers Club". Apl. 23, Rev John Black addressed Junior Order Amer. Mechanics and Daughters of Liberty. May 3, Mrs.. G I Fairbrother and Mrs. Burke addressed N.W. Mothers Club. Have regular parlor meetings each Thursday evening. May 1, Kept open suffrage shop in a vacant store room on the corner of one of the most prominent streets. Elmore P Heins threw on his sign at the corner of Jefferson and Campbell Ave, "Votes for Women a necessity" free. Mrs. Wesley Martin Stoner spoke in the evening from an automobile to a large crowd. Mrs. Stoner spoke in Vinton at a large school celebration to an immense crowd. Friday April 29, Mrs. Stoner spoke at the National Business College in the morning & In the afternoon at Virginia College, and in the evening at Salem. Mrs. Stoner, Mrs. Burks and Mrs. W W Foster spoke to a large crowd from an automobile at the court house square. All these meetings were a big success. We are arranging to have "Your Girl and Mine shortly.

Owing to the writer's illness the monthly Bulletin has been considerably delayed. Kindly let us have account of the activities of your League by the 25th of each month. Very truly yours, Alice O Taylor 3