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National League of Women Voters MRS. CARRIE CHAPMAN CATT, Honorary President Regional Directors First Region MISS KATHARINE LUDINGTON LYME, CONN. Second Region MRS. F. LOUIS SLADE 37 W. 39TH ST., NEW YORK Third Region MRS. JULIAN B. SALLEY AIKEN, S.C. Fourth Region MISS ELIZABETH J. HAUSER GIRARD, OHIO Fifth Region MRS. JAMES PAIGE Sixth Region MRS. CHARLES H. DIETRICH HASTINGS, NEBR. Seventh Region MRS. C. B. SIMMONS 495 HEIGHTS TERRACE, PORTLAND, ORE Chairmen Standing Committees American Citizenship Women in Industry MISS MARY MCDOWELL 4630 GROSS AVE., CHICAGO, ILL. Child Welfare MRS. LARUE BROWN HOTEL LAFAYETTE, WASHINGTON, D.C. Social Hygiene DR. VALERIA H. PARKER 370 7TH AVE., NEW YORK Uniform Laws Concerning Women MRS. CATHARINE WAUGH MCCULLOCH 112 W. ADAMS ST., CHICAGO, ILL. Food Supply and Demand MRS EDWARD P. COSTIGAN 2123 CALIFORNIA ST., WASHINGTON, D.C. Finance MRS GIFFORD PINCHOT MILFORD, PIKE CO., PA. Officers President MRS. MAUD WOOD PARK WASHINGTON, D.C. First Vice-President MRS. RICHARD EDWARDS PERU, INDIANA Second Vice-President MISS BELLE SHERWIN 2738 EUCLID AVE., CLEVELAND, OHIO Secretary MRS. SOLON JACOBS ALTAMONT ROAD, BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Treasurer MRS. SUMNER T. MCKNIGHT 321 MEYERS ARCADE, MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. Departments CONGRESSIONAL HEADQUARTERS 918 MUNSEY BLDG., WASHINGTON, D.C. TELEPHONE MAIN 6700 Executive Secretary MRS. MINNIE FISHER CUNNINGHAM Headquarters Secretary MISS CAROLINE I. REILLY Publicity Secretary MRS. AMANDA MILLER ORGANIZATION HEADQUARTERS PERU, INDIANA EFFICIENT GOVERNMENT 2728 EUCLID AVE., CLEVELAND, OHIO 918 Munsey Building, Washington, D. C. November 29, 1921. Mrs. C. E. Townsend, P. O. Box 869, Norfolk, Va. My dear Mrs. Townsend: Permit me to acknowledge receipt of your letter addressed to Mrs. Park, during Mrs. Park's absence from Washington. I know that she will appreciate it when she returns to Washington and the spirit which prompted your writing. Replying to your questions as to what you can do in your "Princess Anne County right now," I should say that you can continue to familiarize your neighbors and friends and the organizations in your county with the benefit to be derived under this law so that there will be a pressure of public sentiment back of the Governor and the legislature when they accept this Act and make the appropriation to meet the "50-50" provision of it. Senator Swanson and Representative Deal will have nothing to do directly with the handling of this work. It will be up to your Governor to accept the Act provisionally until the legislature meets and to the legislature to accept it and provide for an appropriation and to the State Health Department to carry out the work. I would suggest that you write in to your Sttae League headquarters for an outline of the general plan of work for Virginia, because of course some concerted action of the women along this line will be planned too.