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LETTER FROM SENATOR E. LEE TRINKLE, candidate for nomination as Governor, in the Democratic Primary, 1921; replying to the Program of Legislation of the Virginia League of Women Voters. "In my hurried passage through Richmond I have been handed your official letter. I hereby make acknowledgment and thank you for the courtesy extended me. "I stand as I have always stood, without exception, on the platforms of the Democratic Party, both State and National, a number of whose planks are in accord with the views of your League. "My personal views on the questions which the people seem most concerned about at this time have been expressed in speeches which I have made in the campaign and in the printed statements which I have given out to the public. They may be summarized as follows: "I am in favor of the development of our road facilities as rapidly as this can be done with efficiency and economy and with due regard of the ability of the people to pay for them. "I am in favor of the reorganization of the highway department so that the people may feel confident that whatever funds may be provided for road construction and maintenance will be carefully safe guarded and wisely expended. "I am not in favor of committing the State to a Bond Issue under the existing conditions of business and finances and until the Highway Department is so reorganized. "I am earnest advocate of public schools and in favor of improving and developing our school system to the highest point of usefulness. "In addition to the above subjects, I favor Child Welfare. Taking into consideration the personnel of the Children's Code Commission, I consider that its reports should be very good basis upon which to formulate legislation on child welfare.