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VIRGINIA LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS AFFILIATED WITH THE NATIONAL LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS "WE SHALL CO-OPERATE WITH ALL EDUCATIONAL FORCES IN VIRGINIA IN ENCOURAGING THE STUDY OF GOVERNMENT FOR MORE EFFICIENT CITIZENSHIP." LILA MEADE VALENTINE PRESIDENT MISS ADELE CLARKE, RICHMOND, VA. HEADQUARTERS: 601 VIRGINIA RAILWAY AND POWER BUILDING RICHMOND, VA. PHONE RANDOLPH 556 HONORARY VICE-PRESIDENT MRS. JOHN H. LEWIS LYNCHBURG, VA. VICE-PRESIDENTS MRS. B. B. MUNFORD RICHMOND MISS LUCINDA LEE TERRY ROANOKE MISS ELIZABETH V. GAINES SAXE RECORDING SECRETARY MRS. JOHN T. LEWIS R.F.D. ASHLAND TREASURER MRS. E. G. KIDD RICHMOND AUDITOR MISS NELLIE LEIGH STEWARD PETERSBURG CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT DIRECTORS MISS RETTA J. SMITH CHINCOTEAGUE MRS. C. E. TOWNSEND NORFOLK MRS. FRANK L. JOBSON RICHMOND MRS. E. J. NIXON PETERSBURG MRS. F. C. BEVERLEY WHITMELL MRS. JOHN H. LEWIS LYNCHBURG MISS M. E. PIDGEON CLARKE COUNTY MISS ROSE M. MACDONALD ALEXANDRIA MRS. R. O. CROCKETT TAZEWELL MRS. W. W. KING STAUNTON CHAIRMEN STANDING COMMITTEES CHILD WELFARD MRS. LOUIS BROWNLOW PETERSBURG WOMEN IN INDUSTRY MISS LUCY R. MASON RICHMOND SOCIAL HYGIENE DR. KATE WALLER BARRETT ALEXANDRIA MISS MARIE LEAHY RICHMOND FOOD SUPPLY AND DEMAND MISS HAZEL GALLEGHER WILLIAMSBURG AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP MRS. ELLIE MARCUS MARX NORFOLK CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION MISS CORNELIA ADAIR RICHMOND EFFICIENT GOVERNMENT MISS M. E. PIDGEON CLARKE COUNTY BUREAU OF INFORMATION MRS. G. HARVEY CLARKE RICHMOND UNIFORM LAWS CONCERNING WOMEN MRS. M. L. HORNER ALEXANDRIA LEGISLATION MISS NORA HOUSTON RICHMOND FINANCE MRS. FAITH W. MORGAN RICHMOND REDUCTION OF ARMAMENT MISS ROBERTA WELLFORD RICHMOND DEPARTMENT OF ORGANIZATION MISS ROBERTS WELLFORD, FIELD DIRECTOR UNIVERSITY, VA. DEPARTMENT OF CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION IN CO-OPERATION WITH UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA MISS M. E. PIDGEON, DIRECTOR UNIVERSITY, VA. HEADQUARTERS SECRETARY MISS IDA M. THOMPSON RICHMOND, VA. PUBLICITY DIRECTOR MRS. EDITH CLARK COWLES RICHMOND, VA. February, 21, 1922. To the Presidents of Local Leagues of Women Voters:- We rejoice to announce the passage by the General Assembly of Virginia of four of the measures sponsored by the Virginia league of Women Voters. These are: Senate Bill 85, which accepts the provisions of the Sheppard-Towner Act for the welfare of maternity and infancy. Passed by the Senate, Feb., 7, by a unanimous vote of 35; and by the House, Feb., 18, by a vote of 57 to 7. Senate Bill 86, to extend the Board of Charities and Corrections under the name: Board of Public Welfare. Senate Bill, 84, to provide occupational therapy in hospitals and asylums. Senate Bill 82, regulating child placing and child caring institutions and agencies. The passage of the bill accepting the provisions of the Sheppard-Towner Act concluded triumphantly for Virginia a campaign in the interest of maternity and infancy hygiene which was waged nationally through three sessions of Congress. We enclose a list of Senators and Delegates from each congressional district, who voted for the Sheppard-Towner Bill. We earnestly request that you write to each one from your congressional district, as well as the delegate and senator from your county, thanking him for his vote. The letters should be sent to State Capitol, Richmond, Va. In writing to the legislators, please urge their support of: The nine hour day for women employed in factories; the extension through towns and counties of the Juvenile Court-(the present law touches only cities of 100,000 population.) The bill tp provide methods by which communities may establish recreation centers; the compulsory school attendance bill. Please urge in the Senate the defeat of the bill proposing new registration of voters whenever the electoral board do orders. There are number of other measures in which women are interested, but these are in need of immediate attention. Thanking you for your co-operation, Cordially yours, Nora Houston Legislative chairman.