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ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS. CHILDREN'S CODE COMMISSION - appointed by Governor Davis at the request of the League. The findings of this Commission have been embodied in bills covering many and important phases of child life. The passage of these bills by the General Assembly will be invaluable to the State's social welfare. NINE HOUR BILL - Through the League's activity public sentiment has been aroused for a nine hour work day for women in factories, stores, restaurants and laundries, and it seems probable that this bill will pass in the General Assembly. ELECTIONS - The League has been instrumental in having a woman apopinted a member of the Richmond Electoral Board. The Richmond League prevented separate listing of men's and women's names on the poll books, thus increasing the chances for fair elections. It also prevented the closing of the office of the Central Registrar prior to teh Primary. Ruling was secured from the ATtorney General extending the time in which women might register according to the law pertaining to new voters. Ruling was secured also providing that women absent fgrom home on Primary or Election day, in teh pursuit of their "habitual duty", may vote under the "abent voters' law"-