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Mrs C. E. Townsend Post Office Box 869 Norfolk, Virginia July 15, 1922 Dotor Chandler Pres. William and Mary College Williamsburg, Va. Dear Doctor Chandler: I met yesterday in Smithfield Doctor Brock. In course of discussion of Sterling-Towner bill, I remarked that you had written> He declared that you had written Smith-Towner bill and left with me the impression that you agreed with him in denouncing the bill as it stands today. He was very strong in his belief that the bill gave strong Federal control over our Southern schools and made it possible for the Secretary of Education to force upon us mixed schools with a probable negro principal. The women in Norfolk are doing all in their power to get the Sterling-Towner bill before the people, believing it to be a Godsend to the state of Virginia: Deal has unlimited funds, Hank has very little, and we none. The fight is unequal. I believe Doctor Brock has quoted you correctly. His influence and that of his wife, in Smithfield, is unlimited. A word from you, our greatest educator in Virginia, would be of the highest value. May I hope for an early reply as to Thanking you in advance, but our newspapers are against it and us.