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[letterhead] Cordell Hull Chairman Wilbur W. Marsh, Threasurer J. Bruce Kremer, Vice-Chairman Samuel B. Amidon, Vice-Chairman Mrs. Emily Newell Blair, Vice-Chairman Richard Linthicum, Director of Publicity Burt New, Executive Secretary

Democratic national Committee Permanent Headquarters 710 Bond Building Washington, D. C. [symbol]

May 5, 19253. [illegible] May 9, 1923 Mrs. C. E. Townsend, P. O. box 869, Norfolk, Virginia. My dear Mrs. Townsend:- We wired you that I would be available the first week in June. We did not county June first and second as being the first week in June, but rather the last week in May. Could you possible have me a day beginning the week of June third? It would suit me much better because I shall be in Omaha, Nebraska, the twenty-ninth and it will push me terribly to get to Norfolk by Friday, if I could do it at all.

Your arrangements seem to me very good as it gives me an opportunity to speak to the League of Women Voters as well as to the democratic women. I shall be delighted to tell you why I am a Democrat. I believe it so important the southern women should be real democrats, determined to make the democratic party stand firm on the principles of liberalism.

Thank you very much for your invitation to be your guest which I shall be delighted to accept.

I will write Mrs. Carrie Sykes and plan to give her the night succeeding the night I speak at Norfolk. I should like to go from Norfolk to Richmond and speak there and then to Washington from there.

Very sincerely yours, {Emily Newell Blair?] vice-chairman. Dear Mrs. Blair yours of May 5th at hand. I delayed to answer in response to Mrs. Fain's requet as she wished to write you herself. She wishes you to come under the auspices of the Men's Dem Committee.