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KEEPING GAMING BANK, GAMING TABLES, etc., HOW PUNISHED? SEIZURE OF MONEY, TABLES, etc.; MONEY TO BE FORFEITED AND TABLES, etc., BURNED. If any person keep or exhibit, for the purpose of gaming, any gaming table or bank of any name or description whatever, or any table or bank used for gaming which has no name, wheel of fortune or slot machine, any pigeon-hole table or Jennie Lynn table, whether the game or table be played with cards, dice or otherwise, or be a partner or concerned in interest in the keeping or exhibiting such table or bank, he shall be confined to jail not less than two nor more than twelve months; and fined no less than one hundred no more than one thousand dollars; provided, however, that nothing contained herein shall prevent any person from keeping and exhibiting any game or wheel upon any city, county, or State fair grounds, benevolent bazaars, carnivals, and amusement parks, where the prize consists of fruit, candy, toys, or other novelties. Any such table, bank or wheel of fortune, and all the money, stakes or exhibits to allure persons to bat at such table, bank or wheel, may be seized by order of court, or under warrant of a justice, and the money so seized shall be forfeited, one-half to the person making the seizures, and the other half to the Commonwealth, and the table, bank, machine or wheel shall be burned. (Code, 1887, Section 3815.) (1920, p. 597. In force June 18, 1920.) 1920 Supplement, Sec. 4676.