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Our Woodrow Wilson who grasped the great truth that real Democracy has no part nor lot with war. That is the altruistic in the extreme. It was he who realized governments need of womans special qualities & the terrible consequences to posterity if governments still continued to keep out of its monumentous decisions those needed qualities. It was he who whipped the U. S. Senate into passing the Suffrage Amendment that had lain there seventy years. Va.'s great son failed her not in chivalry, true chivalry, which is the recognition of that quality in God's creation recounted in Genesis first chapter, 27th verse, "God man man male & female created he them & gave unto them dominion." And so, delegates to the convention, you who have come from teh four corners of this great old state, to answer that clarion call, to waken women to their governments dire need fo rpurified Dmocracy, to consult together how best to use our geat opportunity, we gladly welcome you. Virginia's greatest seaport welcomes you!