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Mrs. C.E. Townsend 39th Street, Sea Pines Station Virginia Beach, Virginia Dear Friend Through Miss Blanch Culpepper I understand you are one of those very kind friends of mine who contributed to the purchase of that beautiful loving cup presented me at the state convention in Lynchburg recently. I want to thank you with all my heart and assure you it is one of my most treasured possessions also that it will be a treasured possession of my children & grandchildren, because it embodies the respect of each donor for high principles adhered to thru unpopularity; because it embodies the love of freedom of expression which is true Americanism, and because it represents your wish to honor one who tried to do her bit towards better citizenship. again thanking you, I am most [following paragraph is struck through - "Will you give me the pleasure of your company [1^?] at Our cottage on the corner of 39th St. and the Railroad near Sea Pines Station at Virginia Beach ^3 on ^1 Sat. afternoon at 5 o'clock, June 26, 1926 ^2 at [etc?] that my family & I may shake your hand end of strike out]