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MRS. JESSIE E. TOWNSEND, PRESIDENT MRS. W. E. BISHOFF, SEC. MRS. C. A. CHANDLER, TREAS. MRS. H. L. BRITTON, AUD. MRS. C. B. UTLEY, CON SEC'Y. NORFOLK BRANCH Virginia League of Women Voters AFFILIATED WITH THE NATIONAL LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS NORFOLK, VA. 1ST VICE-PRESIDENT MRS. H. E. PAGE 2ND VICE-PRESIDENT MRS. M. J. OBER 3RD VICE-PRESIDENT MRS. J. L. WELLER DIRECTORS MRS. H. C. KEISTER MRS. FRAZIER J. WILSON MRS. L. L. NEWBY 424 Mobray Arch July 30, 1928 Mrs. F. Louis Slade New York City My dear Mrs. Slade: I know you becuase of my attencance at the League conventions since their first one, but I do not expect you to remember me.