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MRS. JESSIE E. TOWNSEND, PRESIDENT MRS. W. E. BISHOFF, SEC. MRS. C. A. CHANDLER, TREAS. MRS. H. L. BRITTON, AUD. MRS. C. B. UTLEY, CON SEC'Y. NORFOLK BRANCH Virginia League of Women Voters AFFILIATED WITH THE NATIONAL LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS NORFOLK, VA. 1ST VICE-PRESIDENT MRS. H. E. PAGE 2ND VICE-PRESIDENT MRS. M. J. OBER 3RD VICE-PRESIDENT MRS. J. L. WELLER DIRECTORS MRS. H. C. KEISTER MRS. FRAZIER J. WILSON MRS. L. L. NEWBY 424 Mobray Arch July 30, 1928 Mrs. F. Louis Slade New York City My dear Mrs. Slade: I know you because of my attendance at the League conventions since their first one, but I do not expect you to remember me. However, when I read in the Christian Science Monitor (of July 28) in the first editorial, that you had resigned from the League in order to organize the women of the county into a Hoover-Curtis Club to accept the challenge of the enemies of prohibition, I said there is someone I can write to for advice and help. I am perfectly devoted to our state head, Miss Adele Clark and do not question her decision to stand loyal to the Democratic party and the platform supposedly accepted at Houston but I can not bring myself to do so. However I find it difficult to swing over to Mr. Hoover enthusiastically when he makes the statement he intends to follow the policy of Pres. Coolidge. That p[olicy was to put the enforceent of prohibition in the hands of one who had made millions distilling whiskey and is said to still own breweries. To my mind that accounts for the farce of enforcement we have had all down the line.