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To the editor Ledger Dispatch Dear Sir:- In the interest of truth & fairness may I call your attention to an error of placement in your several issues of Thursday afternoon. Across the front page you have the astounding statement - "Jealousy among women baffling political managers", and in the first column, Leadership aspirants confusing campaign": "Knifing threats etc and half way down the column, under those headlines is an account of the regular meeting of the League of Women Voters for the hearing of candidates in the coming elections, under the incorrect sub-title of "talk of charter changes". I am not finding fault with the sub-title nor the account of the meeting of the L. of W. V. but with the classification under those large, eye-catching, imagination-stirring headlines, of what is entirely foreign to the headlines. There are no squabbles over political leadership in the League of Women Voters. There is no jealousy among these women, leaders or otherwise. They have never made promises of delivery of bloc votes to anyone. They have taken sides with no one of the gubernatorial, city nor county candidates. Their work is educational and at no time partisan. A woman may be a member of the League of Women Voters