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and at the same time a vigorous partisan. If so she joins also her party organization and works for the candidates presented by that party, in the name of that party and under their instructions. She can never do so in the name of the League of Women Voters and whether or no she joins a partisan organization as any other citizen may. The League of Women Voters is not a political organization in any sense unless it be that of studying politics, past, present & future and its relation to the welfare of the people. In the name of the reputation of the state organization as well as that of the two local leagues, who have at all times conducted themselves in a dignified and truth-loving manner, I protest such classification before the public. The whole question of women taking their places in our government as self-expressing citizens seems hard for the average mind to understand. We are very dependent on the opinions of our intelligent newspapers, so widely read to educate that average mind. I am sure you will admit my complaint that the placing of the League of Women Voters under such a classification was a grave mistake and will promptly rectify the same. Sincerely yours, Jessie E. Townsend 2nd vice pres. Va. L of W. Voters